The Company

We are The Canny Group, and we are the next big name in mobile and web browser gaming.

We deliver classic strategy games on a fun and innovative social platform. The platform flagship is called Super Tic Tac Toe, or Super TTT. The beta for that game is live and available for android devices as well as playable from our site We intend to perfect the platform with Super TTT and expand to include the community's favorite classics.

Canny is not just a one trick pony. On file and ready for prototyping, and actually a couple are in prototyping, are brand new designs for turn-based strategy games that incorporate the more physical and graphical elements seen in the industry's biggest hits. Many of our designs focus on what we call “design & conquer”, where phase one is to design the level or some elements of the level and phase two is the conquering of that design. We love map editors in games and think mobile games need more of them.

To keep up with Canny’s latest happenings, check out the products page or visit our blog.

The Team

A bunch of competitive nerds that fiend the sweet satisfaction that comes from pwning an opponent in a game of strategy. At Canny we strive to bring players the very best in turn-based strategy game experience.

Nuri Hodges
Bryan Gutierrez

Kylie Morgan
Jonathan Hamm
Patrick Wilson

The Red Panda

Red Panda NetworkCanny's logo and the inspiration for our color scheme, the red panda is a small arboreal mammal found in the Himalaya and surrounding regions.

Why did we pick the red panda? Because we want to raise the awareness of these incredible animals, whose existence is vulnerable and demands conservation efforts. Also, they are crazy awesome and adorable! Seriously!

Learn more about the red panda and how you can get involved at